Escrito em 25 de outubro de 2022

Check out this amazing video from our team mate Tiago Tavares and check the words from him self and DIG BMX. "The Portuguese BMX scene is very much alive and well! Tiago Tavares is the latest in the DIG Locals series, and it's a real good one. Shout out to Tiago for this one. "It was an interesting process filming around Portugal for this project. I got injured a few times, had to stop riding for a while, get some physiotherapy work done and also started immersing myself and my health in the Biodynamic approach of Osteopathy, with a friend ... Ler mais

MutantBikes | Inertia Studios - 2022 product film

Escrito em 10 de fevereiro de 2022

Mutant Bikes partnered with Inertia Studios, a creative production studio specializing in 3D motion, to create the new Mutant Bikes 2022 product film featuring the Dig Rear Hub, Caravela V2 sprocket and the patented Spliner System in our Bionic cranks.Inertia's approach for the film was to put the focus on the design of the products, celebrating our craftsmanship and quality at a photorealistic level.Elements of BMX/MTBMX culture were extrapolated to build a hyper-stylized, graphical world that captures the essence of what it means to ride BMX/MTBMX.Throughout the film we pull out skatepark elements, and use these with dynamic motion and ... Ler mais

Tiago Tavares - Welcome edit

Escrito em 04 de fevereiro de 2022

We are extremely excited to announce that Tiago Tavares is now part of the mutantbikes crew. Not only because he is a great rider, but a personality that is top notch and perfectly represents what our brand is all about. Welcome aboard Tavares!
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