We don’t like complicated things, so let’s try to simplify the warranty issue.

All Products have 1 ½ (one and a half) year warranty – check the details below.
Mutant Bikes products purchased before 2012 have 1 (one) year warranty.
Since 2006 we have been learning how to work on the guarantees to keep all customers happy. We always care to develop our products, to use the best quality materials and always tested them for a long time before production of any item, to make sure that they will hit the market with the quality we require. Our warranties cover any defect that materials and workmanship might have. Guarantees are always and only to the original purchaser and valid with the copy of the receipt (Any warranty issue without a receipt or authorization will not be processed for return).

We understand that things can break with normal riding circumstances but not twice, anyway Mutant Bikes would be happy to give you a great discount in the replacement part/frame, that might break.
Mutant Bikes warranty does not cover damages like dent tubes, bent stuff, damaged bearings and stripped threads. We made a lot of hard test’s and we know that those damages can happen with a very hard use or falls.

To make any replacement, first of all you have to contact your local shop with product or pictures along the proof of purchase (receipt must contain at least product detail, shop name and date of purchase). Your local shop will contact our distributor and they will contact us for our inspection and confirm the replacement. (posting pictures on Facebook, blogs or whatever, doesn’t solve any problems) If you follow the warranty rules your issues can be solved in one or two day’s (depending of the stock).

This warranty will not be effective if the product is damaged due to wrong use or in 2nd hand.
Mutant Bikes isn’t responsible for any personal injury, BMX is a dangerous sport that might cause bad injury or death, we recommend the use of helmet and you should always inspect your bike every time you ride.

Any question about warranties that you might have just please drop us an e-mail to warranty@mutantbikes.com 

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