MutantBikes | Inertia Studios - 2022 product film

Mutant Bikes partnered with Inertia Studios, a creative production studio specializing in 3D motion, to create the new Mutant Bikes 2022 product film featuring the Dig Rear Hub, Caravela V2 sprocket and the patented Spliner System in our Bionic cranks.

Inertia's approach for the film was to put the focus on the design of the products, celebrating our craftsmanship and quality at a photorealistic level.
Elements of BMX/MTBMX culture were extrapolated to build a hyper-stylized, graphical world that captures the essence of what it means to ride BMX/MTBMX.

Throughout the film we pull out skatepark elements, and use these with dynamic motion and lighting to help build a world that the products feel at home in. Music and sound design was key in communicating the energy of riding, and utilizing the rhythm of BMX/MTBMX to build tension and drama through the film.

If you're curious, check the Inertia page, they have many other 3D movies from brands like PlayStation, Puma, Adidas, etc.

What is Spliner System?
SPLINER® is a patented system, were the axle is divided in half and becomes an integral part of each arm, the tightening is made inside with just one 8mm allen bolt and a Spliner® Boss with 48 spline that also works as a spacer between the bearings. Thicker arms then regular cranks and shorter axle to prevent twisting, also the crank shape, was designed to don’t hit the ankles. Tested several times during years and approved.

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