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Rapataching tour, day 1

Here is the Rapataching tour edit of the day 1. We meet with the team riders a day before and rode some of the best places in the town, was more a chiling day than ride, but we still got some good footage. Check out the day 2 of the tour next saturday! Will be even better…

MutantBikes Prototype combo “peguard”

MutantBikes "Peguard"A while ago when riding street with some friends, I thought to simplify the hub guard. Hub guards are not simple to assemble and too large for its functionally. Usually the riders that use hub guard also use pegs, so a peg with a hub guard in just one piece will be easier to assemble and with a better look. The ones we are testing fits in a great part of hubs and frames, it just doesn’t fit in frames with dropouts that are bigger than the standard pegs. The mutantbikes “peguard” will have a metal sleeve ticker below than above, for the grinds. The body will be in aluminum and Offset the center to reduce weight.
Currently the mutantbikes prototype combo “peguard” weighs 123gr (only aluminum) and is extremely simple to assemble, doesn’t need to do anything in the hub and looks like you only have a peg.

By now this is the first rear prototype peg+hub guard that we are testing and improving, we’ll make other to front hubs.
Hope you like!

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