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Petr Andreev testing the Imperador

Yeah! Petr Andreev and Jonas Bern have been testing the new frame line that will be available only for the end of this year. We call this frame IMPERADOR and we change a lot of things sine the 1st Evo2six we made. Jonas is testing the DISCO so stay tuned to check his bike soon.
So the Imperador 26″ was designed to use rigid or suspension fork and it is the 1st frame out with integrated dropouts technology, we decided to made it with investment casting to have a better look in the frame and to get more room to adjust the wheel in a very small dropouts.
Toptube and downtube now have an internal gusset instead the regular gusset we made before in the down tube, it makes the frame stronger without sacrificing the tubing when its welded. Seat stay bridge with Imperador logo, chain stay bridge instead a gusset that we used before in the Evo2six. This frame feel even better to ride and is a bit lighter than previous models. Thanks for the photos to Ruben Vigil (riding) and Ivan Andrianov (bike)



Distributor for Slovakia

We have been in contact with some companies interested to distribute mutantbikes for their country, Ride Distribution is one of the new ones that already receive our products and is starting to sell mutantbikes in Slovakia. To every riders and shops in the country get in contact with; Ride Distribution,,, phone number: 00421908161428

Team update

We have been with some problems with our admin to update the website. It is solved already and we’ll start to update it many more times with every news around mutantbikes. The start point is team riders, it is updated now!!! There are some new team riders on the flow and a new one on the main team. Our mate Diogo Santos was added on the main team and now is part of mutantbikes family. Other ones but on the flow was Nuno Faria and Rafael Alves, 2 great kids with a nice different style of ride and very friendly. Also but from UK is Ben Sutor that was added on the flow team, if you didn’t saw him before, just go to and search by is name on videos to see him shredding.
Hugo Almeida is no longer on the team, we would like to thank him for all the time he spent help and riding for mutantbikes, and wish him all the best in the future. Yuri is our recent flow team mtb rider, you can check his bio on mtb team section.

The 2010 is almost in the end and we would like to thank everyone for the support, help and believe in the work we have been developing… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! hope that 2011 will be better for all of you guy’s. Thanks to every distributors for the support as well.

This is an update by my chellphone hope it is well done and the photos is the best one I found here… Cheers

G&S Distribution at Dirt Masters 2010

Lately I’ve been super busy with the products for 2011, which meant that the site has suffered with updates of news I have on riders, and news I want to share.
So I will start updating the site with all I have to get everything back in time, then I’ll try to made more updates a week with team riders, new things, etc…

Here are some photos from our distributor in Germany with a tent at the MTB Dirt Masters which had around 35.000 visitor.

Matt White ride photos

Here is some photos that Matt sent me some weeks ago, one more time I have been super busy, so now I have many news to post from some team riders, and something about some new products. By now here are some photos from Matt and a little edit with a bad crach some time ago, he is better now.

Photos of me and Jason

Hi there.
Here are some photos from a ride of me and Jason, some photos were taken by our friend Afonso one week ago, we already have more stuff to post just keep an eye on it.
Stay cool

Andrew Strizhak one day ride

Here is the last web-video from Andrew that continues to test the x-ray 26″ prototype with SSC System, filmed and edited by Paul Chupakabura on a spring sunny day.
Was sad to know that Andrew couldn’t go to 2010 Vienna AirKing, just because the Russian state doesn’t give him the visa approved. Next year he should go.

X-ray test at the Mountainbike rider mag

Our friend and distributor Michael from G&S Distribution, send us a few months ago a copy of the German Mountainbike rider mag, with a test of the x-ray v2 frame assembled with SIN stem, small bar v2, slimy pivotal seat and seatpost and caravela sprocket.

Once I don’t understand German language I asked Michael to translate just an idea from the result of the test:

– Extreme agile
– Symbiosis BMX / MTB
– Good for Skateparks
– BMX Rider like this, too
– Nice details

mtb-rider-4mtb-rider-2 mtb-rider-3 mtb-rider-1

Matt White video

Matt asked Howard Smith to shoot and edit a new web-video for us and for Dinamic-Style, with is new bike. Matt is testing our X-ray 2011 with SSC System, the Raven fork and maybe next week he will reveive the new 24″ rims.
This video looks awesome, hope you like it too…

China Distributor

china_flag_map_1iBMXco, Sun Yi from China is our new distributor for all the country, they already receive an order with a lot of frames and parts. So to every Chinese riders here is a good news, you already can buy our stuff on your local shop or direct from iBMXco.
We’re also pleased to begin working with Sun at iBMX Co and to have our brand well represented in China
For more info please contact with:

#122 No.3239 zhongshanbei Road
Phone: 13917499904

Andrew Strizhak Bike Check

andrewThe icy snow days can’t stop Andrew to ride, so that means that it is time to continue testing the x-ray 26″ prototype. I have to say, this video is an abuse, it is online since a month, but I only got time to do the post today… Sorry!!
Andrew has been testing the X-ray 26″ frame with the SSC System, as well as other team riders have been testing and it has worked perfectly well until now, so we are looking to have all our frames with the (SSC System) in the order after summer.
By the way Andrew will be in Austria (10 & 11 April) next weekend at the Vienna AirKing contest… That would be rad for him… good look…!!
By now here is some amazing Andrew’s pics, bike check and video… hope you enjoy.

Soon I’ll show some new products that we have been testing for almost a year, but they were never presented here, including the lobo fork and raven fork

Frame: Mutantbikes X-ray 26
Fork: Fox Talas 36
Stem: Mutantbikes SIN
Handlebar: PS Profit Bar 50
Grips: Xenium
Seat: Mutantbikes slimy pivotal
Seat post: Mutantbikes slimy pivotal

Sprocket: Mutantbikes Caravela
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: DMR V 12

Front wheel:
Hub: 20mm Xenium XH-740-Simple 32H
Rim: MTX 29
Tire: Schwalbe table top

Rear wheel:
Hub: Xenium XH-756-D Drive 32H
Rim: MTX 29
Tire: Duro

0_50252_4560f33a_l 0_50250_836104c6_l 0_5024f_48e49766_l

0_5024e_bc6742_l 0_50251_a41a0290_l

Sweden Distributor

The new office is not finished yet, and the website need to be updated, I have so many news to show you, but no time to write sorry.

sweden_flag_map_819x0Since a month ago that Active8 received some frames and parts to start the distribution with mutantbikes in Sweden. So this is good news for every Swedish riders that would like to buy or products. Thanks to Mats Jansson and Jonatan Nilsson from Active8 Distribution who believe in the future of mutantbikes. Every riders and shops in Sweden or around please contact to:

Active8 Distribution
Södra Grev Rosengatan 1/CV/Hus 16
703 62 ÖREBRO

Phone +46 (0)709219854
http:// |

Matt White Bike Check

flair-outdoorOur team rider Matthew from UK has been testing the X-ray v3 that will only be available for 2011 line. By now here are some photos and bike check that Matt send us with his new ride. Later I’ll show you photos and info of the fork and frame prototypes that he is testing.

Soon we will be in our new office with a studio to take photos and soo … So soon we will update the site with new products that we developed and that we have received and been testing.

FRAME – Mutant X-Ray ( prototype 2011)
FORKS – Mutant ( prototype )
BARS – Mutant Bars Small
GRIPS – Proper bmx
STEM – SIN Stem Mutant
BRAKE – V Brake with XT Lever
SEAT – Mutant Slimy
SEAT POST – Mutant Slimy

CRANKS – 414 Industries with Ti axle
CHAINRING – WTP 25T ( soon to be Mutant 28T Caravela sprocket)
FRONT RIM – Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite XL
FRONT HUB – Proper
REAR RIM – Atomlab Pimp
REAR HUB – DMR 6 Pawl Single Speed, Mini Cassette
TYRES – DMR Supermoto Tyre (wire)
PEDALS – Shimano DX


Team update Andrew Strizhak

Andrew Strizhak from Russia is welcome to the team. Since December 2009, he is on the main 26″ team rider and he is testing our X-ray 26″ for our 2011 line frames. These frames will be available only for November this year, but as soon as possible we’ll show you some good details that we made on the X-ray and Evolution 26″.

By now I just would like to show you the Andrew’s edit with is super nice style and ride in the snow, soon we’ll have a new edit and bike check from him. This one was edited by Paul Chupakabura

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