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Team Rider Update “Zak Wells on Flow”

Zak Wells is our newest flow team rider on BMX, he is a cool kid and very dedicated. We sent him a few parts for he ride and start to promote mutantbikes in the UK. By now he have a Lobo handlebar, SIN Stem, Slimy pivotal seat and seatpost. Here are some photos and a teaser that he made especially for us. Thanks Zak and welcome to the family!!

zak-360-tailwhip zak-360-invert zak-3 zak-2

BMX Series last stop

MFOBMX is the organizer of the BMX Series by Eastpak, and the last stop was at the Festival Bike trade show. Daniel Serra, Jason Batista and Hugo Almeida also were there to compete. Here is some pics and 2 videos for the overall contest, where mutantbikes was one of the sponsors.
The videos was filmed and edited by our friends Simão – hardesign (1st) and Leonel – vespa produções (2nd), pics was shooted by Sandra Oliveira –

New Sprocket

sprocket_1We have a new sprocket. Is being tested some time ago by our team riders, is called Caravela and will arrive to the shops in mid of December. (at the same time as lobo frame)
Hope you like it!!

– CNC 7075 machined aluminium
– 6,5 mm thickness
– Four crank mounting holes only for the 28T size
– Fits all spindles sizes
– only with 25T and 28T
– Black, red, orange, purple and white

sprocket_4 sprocket_2 sprocket_3

MutantBikes in UK

UKWe already had 2 requests from distribution companies in UK, but both failed fully, thats why we never see mutantbikes in the UK stores. As we have enough riders asking for a UK distributor or how to buy our frames and parts, we decided to sell directly until we have a real distributor. From now and until there is any deal with distributors in the UK we’ll sell the mutantbikes frames or parts at the same price as in Portugal and we’ll not charge the shipping costs to any order plus €100,00.

If you have any questions just drop me an e-mail

Pivotal Seat and Seatpost

To make products that are already on the market is not exactly the Mutantbikes philosophy, but since the Pivotal system has been on the market that we think it is the best, and we like things simple, light and beautiful, so by now… we decided to make our seat and seatpost with the Pivotal system.
We already received the samples for a few months ago, but only this month they gonna be in stores.
Once it isn’t a product 100% designed by us, I decided to show how they will be only today.

Hope you like it.

Available colors by now:
Seat: black/white, black/red, black/orange, black/purple, red/white and grey/white
Seatpost: white, red, orange, black and purple

photobmx and a small video

In photobmxmag #2 you can see some photos of Dinis, Hugo Almeida, Daniel Serra and me, taken when we were on the way to the bmx worlds in Köln.

Click image to enter

The follow video has some images of Telmo, Dinis, Jason and me.

EuroBike Show ’09

logo_mutantbikes_azulMutantbikes will be in EuroBike this year, our distributor for Germany G&S Distribution have a booth situated in Hall B4-104, where we have some of the samples for 2010, especially the BMX Lobo frame, also the X-ray and Evolution frames of 24″ and 26″, caravela sprocket and some more. You can check our facebook for some updates and follow me on twitter, I’ll try to do it by my phone as much as I can.

2 hours of Fun

Here is a small edit that our team rider Hugo Almeida made from 2 hours of fun that we (Me, Hugo and Daniel Serra) get last week at the renew skatepark in a small city called Abrantes. Enjoy!!

Ivan from Russia

Dmitry sent me the follow photos from Ivan, our team rider in Russia. I receive these pics long time ago, but only today got time to post. Really nice pics from Ivan style riding street at some good places in Moscow. I don’t have the photographer name but I really appreciate  the quality and thanks.

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