16year old shreder

161What’s up.
First of all sorry for the lack of updates, we’ve been at the FestiBike trade show.
Dmitry from vvcforce sent us a bikecheck and some photos of this 16years old rider that throws some really good stuff, keep it up men, and thanks Dmitry for all the photos they’re really nice.


1612Frame: Mutant evolution
Headset: Fsa Impact
Fork: Fox 32
Cranks: Arestic
Sprocket: 28T Macneil
Chain : halflink
Pedals: Odyssey pc
Brake: NO! 😉
Rims: Sun Rims Ryno lite
Tyres: Kenda kniption
Rear Hub: Infect
Front Hub: Xenium
Bar: Mutantbikes M-bar
Stem: Salt
Grips: Mutinu
Seat and Seat post : Macneil capital pivotal

169 1613 1611 1610 168

And some action photos

162 1614 167 166 164

165 163

French Evolution

This time is a bikecheck from France, proudly owned by Adrien Mangon.
He really loves the frame, as he said in the email, ” What the f**k !!! …. You’ve made the bike for me ! Incredible !“, so we can only thank you for that comment Adrien because it´s very satisfying to see happy riders.
He only sent this photo for now but soon he will show more of his bike.
Thanks a lot Adrien.
Stay cool

French evolutionFrame : Mutant evolution
Fork : Identiti rebate
Bar : Mutant tall
Stem : Colony (Flybikes soon)
Headset : FSA Impact
Brake : Less
Grips : Demolition missile
Crank : Madera
Sprocket : Primo Analogue 23t
Pedals : Animal hamilton
Wheels : Atomlab pimplite
Rear Hub : KHE reverse freecoaster 9t
Front Hub : Shadow conspiracy
Tires : Tioga FS100 2.10
Seat : Colony mid rails
Seatpost : Flybikes
Chain : KMC Z710

Weight : 11.3 Kg

Fresh bikechek’s

Hey there guys.
Here are to new bikecheks, the first one is from Portuguese Fábio Rascão and the second is from the Spanish Manuel Fernández.
Really nice set ups, keep sending more because thats the way we like it, thanks to both of you.
Stay cool

Fábio, Evolution
Fabio 2Frame: Mutantbikes evolution
Fork: Identiti rebate park
Bars: NS District
Stem: NS
Brake Lever:Odyssey small
Brake Cable: Odyssey
Brake: Tektro
Grips: Fitbikeco
Sproket: 28t
Pedals:Odyssey Twist
Rear Wheel: Atomlab pimp
Rear Hub: Odyssey Hazard lhd
Rear Tire: Kenda Kiniption
Front Wheel: Atomlab pimp
Front Hub: Flybikes
Front Tire: Kenda NPJ
Rear Tire: Kenda Kiniption
Seat: Flybikes
Seatpost: Volte Parts
Chain: Shadow white
Weight: 11kg

Fabio 3 Fabio 4


Manuel, X-Ray
Manuel 1Frame: Mutant X-Ray
Headset: Fsa Impact
Forks: Identiti rebate
Cranks: Primo Hollowbites with Flybikes Sp BB 22mm
Sprocket: Animal rocky balboa 25t
Chain: KHE light halflink
Pedal: Odyssey twisted plastic pedals
Brake: Shimano deore
Rims: DMR DV rims
Tires: DMR moto 2.2 front/KHE the NPJ rear 2.10
Rear Hub: HALO DJD 14mm driver 11t
Front Hub: Demolition
Bar: NS bikes district high rise
Stem: Shadow attack
Grips:Animal edwin de la rosa
Seat and seatpost: Animal
Seatclamp: Wethepople supreme
Weight: 11.900kg

Manuel 3 Manuel 2

Here is also one photo of the first set up of Manuel’s Mutantbike,and a photo of him riding,you can also watch a little video he made here.

Manuel 5 Manuel 4

Bikechek from Romania and Portugal

Hey there guys.
Recently we’ve received lots of bikecheks and thats the way we like it so keep it coming.
The first one is proudly owned by Nagy Szilard that lives in Romania,very nice set up, and the other one is from Portuguese André Coutinho, Thanks to both.
Stay cool

Bike 3Frame: MutantBikes Evo 2
Fork: NS Fundamental
Bars: MutantBikes Tall
Stem: FlyBikes Potencia
Headset: EasternBikes
BrakeLever: Odyssey M 2
BrakeCable: Shadow Linear Slick
Brake: Odyssey Evo 2
Grips: Knight Saber (glow in the dark)
Cranks: Sputnic Playback 165mm
Pedals: Eastern Sealed Alloy
Front Wheel: Flybikes hub with Sun Sigletrack rim
Rear Wheel: KHE ACB Reverse freecoaster with Sun KingPin rim
Tires: Shwalbe Table Top 2.25
Seat: WeThePeople Slim
Seatpost: Fit I-Beam  

Bike 2 Bike 1  


AndreFrame: MutantbBikes Evolution
Brake Lever: Odyssey small
Brake: Tektro
Cranks: Ilegal
Pedals: Odyssey twisted
Sprocket: Superstar 28T
Chain: YBN Halflink
Seatpost: Primo pivotal
Seat: macneil
Fork: Ns rns fork
Stem: Tioga
Bars: Ns district
Grips: Macneil
Rear Hub: Proper
Front Hub: Proper
Rims: Atomlab GI
Tires: Kenda
Weight: around 11 kg 

Andre 2

Trails park

Hey guys
Here is a video of trails park we started building, 32300 feet2 (3000m2) in the center of Portugal.By now there are around 25 jumps, everything is on place, all that’s left is to shape the jumps .
Stay cool.

Robi bikecheck

Hi guys.
This time we received an email from Hungary, Robi rides park, dirt and a little street, it’s the only owner of a Mutantbike in Hungary as far as we know.
Pretty sweet step up Robi, thanks a lot.

Stay cool

Here is the parts list:

Robi Bike Frame: Mutant X-Ray
Headset: Fsa Impact
Forks: RockShox Pike 409
Cranks: Odyssey Wombolt with Sputnic Sp BB 22mm
Sprocket: Superstar 30T
Chain: Point Racing halflink
Pedal: Prodigy Tinky-Winky
Brake: Hayes GX with Tektro lever and Kink cable
Rims: Sun Singletracks
Tires: Schwalbe Table Tops 2.25
Rear Hub: NSBikes SingleCoaster with Odyssey 13T
Front Hub: Bike+ Brake
Bar: BlackMarket BadaBing 3″
Stem: BlackMarket Underboss
Grips: Premium
Seat and seatpost: Kink pivotal

Robi Bike 3 Robi Bike 2

Cristiano’s Bikecheck

Hey there guys, here is another bikecheck, this time is a evolution from Portugal, it’s owned by Cristiano that lives in Nazaré.Thanks Cristiano, and remember guys keep the photos coming 😉

Stay Cool

cristianoFrame: Mutantbikes Evolution
Cranks: ilegalbike.co
Pedals: Odyssey Jim C. Trailmix
Sprocket: Primo Analog 23T
Chain: YBN Corrente Half Link BMX
Fork: Marzochi Dirt Jumper 3 20mm
Stem: NS Bikes
Bars: Nsbikes
Headset: fsa impact
Grips: Odyssey Gary Young grip
Rear Hub: Shadow rant v2
Front Hub: Imperial 20 mm
Rear rim: Rodi Dh black
Front rim: Rodi Dh black
Spokes: DT Swiss Champion
Rear tire: Duro
Front tire: Duro
Brake: Less

Another beautycheck

This one was sent to us by Markus Flatischler from germany.

Thanks a lot Markus 😉

Markus bikeFrame: Mutantbikes X-ray
Fork: Marzocchi DJ2
Handlebar: Mutantbikes
Stem: Demolition
Grips: Wethepeople
Barends: Volume
Front: Revell Rim on Revell Hub
Rear: Alienation Runaway on KHE Geisha Mtb Freecoaster
Brakes: Shimano V with Odyssey Lever
Sprocket: Profile Imperial 28t
Chain: Point Halflink
Cranks: Revell
Pedals: Revell
Seat: United
Tires: Kenda NPJ

New team riders from Russia

ilyha 3Hey Guys
Here are the new Team riders from Russia , Dmitry(one2z) in the orange evolution and Ilyha in the green one, you can check their videos in here.
Welkome to the team, and thanks to VVCForce (our Russian distri.) to find good riders and good friends… thats the feeling we like for the team.

Stay Cool

One2z 3 One2z 2 One2z 1 ilyha 1

ilyha 2 ilyha 4 ilyha 5

More bikecheck’s

We have received a few more bikechekcs lately and here they are.
The first three bikes where sent to us by Dmitry our distributor from russia, and the last bike is from Alvaro Martínez from Spain.
Thanks to both of you, and if you have a Mutant just send us 😉

Stay cool

Orange Evolution
Evo orange 1Frame: Mutantbikes evolution 24″
Fork: identity
Stem: tioga
Bar: Mutantbikes m-bar
Grips: Oury
Rear wheel: GI street, primo mix, dt, primo dirt monstr
Front wheel: s-type, choosen, dt, primo dirt monstr
Cranks: fireeye
Pedals: odyssey
Seat: macneil sl
Seat post: macneil
Headset: fsa impact
Chain: kmc
Evo orange 2

Black Evolution
Evo Black Frame – mutantbikes EVO
Fork –
DMR trailblade 10mm
Headset – FSA impact
Bar – mutantbikes tall
Stem – WeThePeople supreme
Cranks – WeThePeople royal 170mm
Sprocket – WeThePeople supreme 25t
Pedals – wellgo MG-1
Chain – YBN 918
Hubs – primo N4 / ifect (hazard) 10t
Rims – atomlab GI Dirt
Spokes – GT champion 2.0
Tires – DMR moto / tioga FS100
Seat – macneil SL
Seatpost – macneil pivotal
Grips – primo Corey Martinez
Brake – no brake


Evo green flow 2 flow 1

This is a light green evolution from a young russian rider, there is no complete part check but there are few riding photos showing is skills.


Alvaro’s Evolution

Alvaro BikeFrame: Mutantbikes Evolution
Cranks: Odyssey Wombolt
Pedals: 24 bikes butterfly
Sprocket: Macneil Guard Chainwheel
Chain: KMC
Seatpost: Primo pivotal
Seat: Animal Stitched pivotal seat
Fork: Rock Shox Argyle 409
Stem: NS Bikes Quark Pro
Bars: Azonic Pyramid Double Wall
Headset: fsa impact
Grips: Odyssey Gary Young grip
Rear Hub: Shadow rant v2
Front Hub: Hope Pro 2 Disc Front 20mm
Rear rim: Halo SAS 48h
Front rim: Halo Tornado 36h
Spokes: DT Swiss Champion
Rear tire: Halo twin rail
Front tire: Maxxis Holy Roller
Brake: Odyssey evo II
Brake lever: Odyssey medium
Brake cable: Shadow

Weigth: 13,22kg

Alvaro Bike 2 Alvaro Bike 3

Custom bikes from Moshcore

Kent from Moschore send us an e-mail with photos and description of two custom bikes he built.
Check out these beauty’s, the second bike was in the Mtb rider magazine for a test and it passed the test really good.
If you are from Germany and want some info don’t hesitate and contact Kent.
Thanks Kent
Stay cool

Custom Bike 1

Frame: MutantBikes X-Ray
Brake: Avid Juicy 5 Disc Brake
Cranks: Revell SuperStrong
Pedals: Revell Team
Sprocket: Revell SL 25T
Chain: Point Halflink
Seatpost: Bmx Aluminium
Seatclamp: United
Seat: WTP
Fork: Marzocchi DJ 2 White 20 mm Thru Axle
Stem: Revell SL
Bars: Revell Superlight
Grips: Revell
Rear Hub: Revell SL
Front Hub: Revell
Rims: Revell Light & Strong
Tubes: Kenda Superlight
Tires: Kenda Kinption

Weight: around 13kg

Custom Bike 2
Custom Bike 2Frame: MutantBikes X-Ray
Brake Lever: Dia Compe Goldfínger
Brake: Shimano V Brake with special Brake Pads
Cable: Nokon
Cranks: Revell SuperStrong w/ Titanium axle
Pedals: Revell Team
Sprocket: Revell SL 25T
Chain: Point Halflink
Seatpost: Revell Bmx “really light”
Seat: Revell “Moshcore Signature Seat”
Fork: Manitou Gold Label 80 mm
Stem: Revell SL
Bars: Revell Superlight
Grips: Revell
Rear Hub: Revell SL 10t
Front Hub: Revell
Rims: Revell Light & Strong
Tubes: Kenda Superlight
Tires: Kenda NPJ Signature
Mods: Moshcore Signature Stickerset on the Frame

Weight: around 11 kg

My new evolution

Bike 1Sorry for the lack of updates, I has been busy with so much things to do, but from now on more updates will come.

Here is my bike in the new color for this order, really lovin the new stuff, just wait till you see.
Stay cool. Dinis

Frame: MutantBikes Evolution ’08
Cranks: Ilegal
Pedals: El Gallo
Sprocket: Flybikes 25T
Chain: Kmc Cool Chain
Brake: Diatech Hombre
Brake Lever: Tektro
Cable: Odyssey Linear
Seatpost: DK
Seat: Charge
Fork: Fox Float R 80mm
Stem: Mutantbikes (prototype)
Bars: Mutantbikes small 2.95″
Grips: Macneil Zoomer
Rear Hub: Proper Magnalite 11T
Front Hub: Proper Magnalite
Rims: Atomlab G.I.
Tubes: Kenda
Tires: Kenda Npj / Kenda Kinption

Bike 3 Bike 2 Bike 5

Frames and Bars

BarsWe receive the last frames and new bars last week, I didn’t got time to update the site before, but finally got a shortly time to update it.
Hope you like the new handlebars, new frame look and new colors.
Handlebar is so light and with a really nice geometry, X-ray frame already have integrated seatpost clamp, and Evolution frame have a new integrated seatpost clamp, minimal seat tube and minimal integrated seat post clamp, to save space for you can use the seat post as down as possible and save a weight, also the chain stay tubes now don’t have the crushed tube in chainring area. Frames are a little lighter than the previous.
We are working in the new website that will  have all new info from new stuff and new photos. So keep in touch.
Russia, France, Germany and Spain will  receive their orders really soon, UK riders once don’t have distributor yet, can buy from us.

X-Ray X-Ray X-Ray

Evo Evo Detail

Detail Detail Detail

Bars Bars Bars

Bars Bars

Photos in the sand

These are some photos that Sandra took us while we are riding the sand spot.


 Estas são algumas fotos que a Sandra nos tirou enquanto andávamos no spot de areia.

 Team  Telmo  Telmo  Dinis

 Nuno  Nuno  Dinis

Russia Distributor

Some time ago we received an e-mail from VVC Force interested distributing mutantbikes to Russia. So all Russian riders very soon will be able to buy our frames and handlebars by the hand of Dmitry, here is the contact:

VVC Force
Contact Person: Dmitry
Moscow, Russia

Phone: 8-906-036-80-44

Jason’s Park

Dinis Tuck no hands SpineLast week we went to our friend Jason’s park to ride a bit, Sandra took some pictures and here they are. More stuff coming soon.

Stay cool.



Dinis spine airNa semana passada fomos até ao park do Jason dar uma voltinha e a Sandra tirou umas fotos e aqui estão elas. Mais para breve.


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