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Nicolas Camboon Bike Check

Nicolas Camboon is our most recent crew addition to represent our brand in France. Here is a list of parts and what he chosen for his ride.

Frame: MUTANT BIKES Corvo V2 (21.06) Translucent Red
Fork: MUTANT BIKES Corvo V2 black
Bar: BICYCLE UNION 9″ black
Grip: BSD
Crank: Hold & Rust
Pedals: STOLEN thermalite
Chain: ?
Pegs: Peguard v2
Sproket: MUTANT BIKES Estrela_guard 28T
Rims: MUTANT BIKES Elecktraa V2 black

Welcome Nicolas Cambonn!!

Welcome Nicolas Cambonn!!

We recently added a new member to the Mutant family. We welcome the French street killer, Nicolas Cambonn, who will represent our brand in France in 2018 and following ones. Nicolas has the BMX in his vein and he likes to explore spots, that’s all we like in the BMX community, Ride for Fun !!



We have a new member on the mutantbikes crew through our distributor JunkRide, his name is Erik Figar, a really nice guy from Slovakia, you may heard about him before on the Fise contests. We got this e-mail bellow along pics and bike parts list, from our distributor with Erik’s new machine.
“We made new Mutantbikes BMX machine fore Erik Figar for season 2018. New BMX is fresh with brand new components and with some old parts (like hubs) which are still going good. BMX was built up in Junkride Freestyle Park Šurany showroom and then we hit quick filming session and here is videobikecheck.
BMX is built on Mutantbikes TIZONA V2 frame, Corvo fork and new LRA2 9″ handlebars. Bike is nice black with blue toplad stem, blue grips, hubs and new extra wide Caravella 28 teeth sporcket. Very unique are BIONIC cranks with interesting system.” 

Frame: Mutantbikes TIOZNA V2
Fork: Mutantbikes CORVO v2
Bars: Mutantbikes LRA2 9″
Grips: Mutantbikes LOBO blue/black swirl
Stem: Mutantbikes RIO Topload
Seat: Mutantbikes MID Patch Seat
Seat post: Mutantbikes SSC
Cranks: Mutantbikes BIONIC 165mm
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Sprocket: Mutantbikes CARAVELA V2 28T
Hubs: Mutantbikes MK2
Rims: Mutantbikes ELECKTRAA
Tires: KHE Mark Webb 2.35″ Folding

ERIK FIGAR Mutantbikes x Junkride Crew

Erik Figar killing his lines in home park in Brumov, Czech Republic. Erik is sending every of his big trick with flow and style, must see !

“For many years, I wanted to work on edit like whole summer and make it really professional. But I never had the nervs and everytime I did it in one day, like now. I am riding on lot of contests and I dont have so much time to film, but this one, I think is really good. It was filmed all in park in my hometown Brumov, Czech Republic. So enjoy my edit for Mutantbikes and Junkride Crew. Hit share, like or comment !”

Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel VitalBMX edit

What a nice edit from Fernando Gomarin Olaiz to VitalBMX with our bro Daniel. Here is the words from Vital.

“With stylishly smooth riding and an appetite for high-speed and big tricks, Daniel “Naran” Peñafiel causes a ruckus on some of the best riding spots the Spanish cities of Burgos and Madrid have to offer. Press play, sit back, and enjoy!”

RideBMX Know Your Roll – Peguard


If you didn’t saw that yet, go to RideBMX page and ready everything to stay informed about our peguard.

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Distributor rider Erik Figar

Erik Figar is from Czech Republic and is now representing mutantbikes thought our distributor Ride Distribution / Junkride Crew for both countries Slovakia and Czech Republic. Every shop from CZ can contact Ride Distribution to get all the information to sell our products.

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Mathias Augris edit

Our mate Mathias Augris from France has been filming some clips that put together and did a nice edit, filmed in his local park and in UK.
Sad his that Mathias will stop riding because of personal things and decided to left the team. We wish him all the best in life and hope to see him again riding bikes soon, doors are open.

2 Wheels Live Ep4. from Petr Andreev

Here is the latest episode of 2 wheels live from Petr and some words about it, go play and enjoy.

“Hey whats up! You’ve been waiting long, but it’s finally happened!
In this episode, I’m recovering after troubles with my back, again warming up and getting ready for the season on my favorite spot.
Probably it’s last episode of 2WheelsLive but we’ll make something much better soon!”

Daniel Peñafiel trip to Malaga

Daniel Peñafiel down to Malaga/ Spain to enjoy good times with his friends and film for his new edit. He has been without brakes lately and is enjoying it a lot, because now he goes full speed and higher to everything.
Check this out and you’ll see, full speed to the ramps, dirts, trails and always with a really nice style.

25th anniversay of the Mini FATJAM

We are proud to support the 25th anniversay of the Mini FATJAM this year. Here is the press release for you can have all the details about the Jam, don’t miss it and you’ll be able to win many MutantBikes prizes.

Back in 1990 we were happy to see that the local council had given us a place to ride our bikes in the dirt. That place at De Valkendijk needed some work and in April we invited over some friends for a session to open up the outdoor season. That turned out to be the first Mini FATJAM, the little brother of the summer edition of the annual FATJAM that started a few years before that. Anyway, fast forward 25 years and the dirt spot at De Valkendijk is still there being used by the BMX locals all year. Two days out of the year it’s time to prepare the jumps a little better for the visitors. This year the season opener will take place on March 28th, the 25th edition of the Mini FATJAM.

Once again the happening will be free for all BMX riders. You show up and you ride whatever you want to ride. The small roller lines, the bigger line, the killer jump, some flatland on the grass, or the 040BMX Airbag that will be up for everyone to enjoy. It’s time to ride BMX on March 28th and we’ve got more goodies than ever before so leaving Aarle-Rixtel without some sort of prize is next to impossible as long as you’re joining the riding session at the Sugar Hills Trails.

When the jam is over, part two of the event starts: The Afterparty! We’re in Mooon’s hometown and they’ve just released their new CD so a gig by them is more than likely going to happen onSaturday 28 March.

What: Mini FATJAM, 25th edition.
Where: Sugar Hills Trails, Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
Why: For the good times
When: March 28th 2015. Starts at 13:00hr. Session ends at 18:00hr. Then the afterparty will start.
Who: BMX fans from all over who like Bikes, Beers, & Bitches.

Twitter: FATJAM
Hashtag: #minifatjam

Make sure you have a place to stay for the night of March 28th. Here’s an option: (Camping, B&B) or check any of the online booking sites for anything that suits you and your company.MFJ25

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