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Mutantbikes Owl Hubs | Fe-Male and Sliding System

We designed and developed the Fe-Male system to maintain the look of a female hub with the possibility to use pegs without bending axles or breaking bolts.
With the Fe-Male axle, you can use 14mm pegs, but if you don’t use pegs, you just need to put the spacer washers.
To tighten the hub is very simple, just adjust the wheel by hand on both sides, make sure the axle is minimally centered and then give the final tightening with a tool in just one side, it will be properly tightened because the axle slides from one side to the other.

The advantages of the Fe-Male axle are:
Easy to tight
One single axle for a male or female hub

Diogo Santos iPhone edit (RideBMX print advert)

We drove to Diogo Santos town, Caldas da Rainha to shoot some photos of him riding some nice street spots around, after some search we found this good one. He just jump the 1st time to check, 2nd time he made this barspin drop. Sandra took the photo in the 1st click, nice day of ride and shoot. I made this edit at the plane on the way to interbike and back home, just post it today cause I forgot that saved on iMovie. The credits was finish today! Hope you like it!

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