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2 Wheels Live Ep4. from Petr Andreev

Here is the latest episode of 2 wheels live from Petr and some words about it, go play and enjoy.

“Hey whats up! You’ve been waiting long, but it’s finally happened!
In this episode, I’m recovering after troubles with my back, again warming up and getting ready for the season on my favorite spot.
Probably it’s last episode of 2WheelsLive but we’ll make something much better soon!”

Daniel Peñafiel trip to Malaga

Daniel Peñafiel down to Malaga/ Spain to enjoy good times with his friends and film for his new edit. He has been without brakes lately and is enjoying it a lot, because now he goes full speed and higher to everything.
Check this out and you’ll see, full speed to the ramps, dirts, trails and always with a really nice style.

MUTANT BIKES BMX Series 2012 #3

October is a hard month for us, cause of the contest we do at a Bicycle trade show since 2007 and because we have to assemble and disassemble our own ramps for that, as well our booth. This year MutantBikes was the main sponsor and of course almost every team riders come to compete along with friends. Check the video and got the feeling!!

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