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Ivan Nikolaev Bike Check & Corvo specs

Ivan Nikolaev from Russia, talk about his new bike with Corvo frame and Bar which he developed with Diogo Santos. This translucent blue Corvo frame and bar are Ivan’s signature color and geometry. In this edit he also shows all the Corvo geometry for the 1st time since we made it. Hope you like it!!
All the new stuff in his bike will be available at every mutantbikes distributors end of this month beginning of October.
Thanks to Artem Ivanov for the great shoot and cut!

One week in Portugal

This is a little video that Sam Marden filmed of some of the riding that went on in his trip to portugal. Siccck edit!! The indoor ramps are at Jason’s house, were Sam and his friend stay diring the trip…

BMX Series last stop edit

The BMX Series by Eastpak ended with the last stop in Santarém, organized by mfobmx and co-sponsor by mutantbikes. Sam Marden got 3th place, Jason Batista got 6th and Daniel Serra on the 8th place. Was an amazing contest with more ramps than last year and well thought to give a lot of different lines. Here is the video edited by our friend Simão Ferreira.

Guillaume das Neves small edit

Sorry for the lack of news in the website, i have been out from the office many times with contests, also with many work developing new products for 2011 and improve some prototypes. By the way we already got the final prototype for the LOBO fork that will be available for March 2011.

But this new is to show you a video, of our French team mate Guillaume das Neves, who was here in Portugal at the Rebel Jam, but unfortunately had a injury in the foot in practice day. Here’s a short video that he edited, with good quality and good moves. Thanks Gui!!

BMX Series by Eastpak last stop

BMX SERIES by EASTPAK third and final round, OCTOBER 23th and 24th at the FESTIVAL BIKE Trade Show in Santarém, Portugal, with a 1.000 Euros Prize Money in the Open class and parts/prizes for the Ams class. It’s gonna be wild!

Our team mate Sam Marden was invited to come, to enjoy with team friends some days before the contest, to ride, film, shoot some pics and chill… welcome to Portugal my friend.

BMX Series is sponsored by Eastpak, and co-sponsored by Redbull, Osiris, icon bike store, Mutantbikes, Fox, Centro Nacional de Exposições e a Apametal. Official media Zona Radical, Vespa Produções, Freecaster e photobmxmag. Organization by mfobmx. Series dedicated to our beloved Friend Marco Almeida (RIP).


BMX Series by Eastpak 2ª Stop Edit

Last month the Easpak  2º stop was here in Mutantbikes home town, Leiria. My friend Leonel Soares made this great edit, we hope you enjoy it! Once again the mutantbikes team riders are on the podium, Daniel serra placed 1st and Jason Batista 2nd. 1st place in the juniors class went to Nuno Faria, Rafael Alves came 2nd


1º Daniel Serra                                  1º Nuno Faria
2º Jason Batista                                 2º Rafael Alves

3º Sig Cools                                         3º Ricardo Ferreira
4º Gonçalo Cruz                                   4º Oleksii Chumak
5º Marcelo Francisco                            5º Filipe Vieira
6º Diogo Santos                                  6º Miguel Pires

Jason and Daniel on 1st places Rafael Alves (2nd) and Nuno Faria (1st)

Dois Dias tour mfobmx/mutantbikes

The RebelJam this year was held in Portimão, southern Portugal, as we and mfobmx are in the central of Portugal, we were descending towards Rebeljam through some parks and spots, such as Setúbal, Alcácel do Sal, Ferreira do Alentejo and Faro. It was a tour just in two days, which gave us a lot of fun and the oportunity to shoot some clips, hope you like it as much as we enjoy.
The team riders who managed the tour were Jason Batista, Daniel Serra, Daniel Américo, Guillaume das Neves and myself, from mfobmx were Gonçalo Cruz and Diogo Santos.

Andrew new ride!!!

Here is the last edit from Andrew with the evolution 26″ frame, also this edit is an evolution from the last on, good as always with great style and a funny intro… Tks Paul for the edit.

Evo and X-Ray 26” almost there

Here you can see some photos of Evo and X-Ray 26”. The frames are from 2011 line and will be available at the end of this year.

For now we’ll just show some details that you can see at the photos. Soon we’ll provide more information and explain why we did some things like the removable v-brake mounts.

Stay tuned.


Sam Marden exclusive edit

After Sam come back home from the Euro Tour, started filming with his friend Clem Hencher-Stevens in park and street spots. The edit is amazing and Sam’s ride is super great. After Rebel Jam we’ll have a new edit with all team riders, we’ll take a tour in Portugal at some good parks and street spots down the way to South to meet every friends, chill and ride at the Jam.

Now enjoy Sam’s edit, thanks Clem!!

Sam Marden at the RedBull Motion film

Sam is one of the Motion’s park rider, they left Bristol in a great Bus through Red Bull’s awesome ‘Hangar–7? HQ in Salzburg, along the way to Masters in Cologne to compete, they stop in some great parks and stops, check the video here.

PhotoBMX Mag #3

The PhotoBMX magazine #3 is out now, it is an online magazine only about photos, nothing large texts or graphics, just simple with quality photos. The mag comes with a double page mutantbikes advertising with our new bmx LOBO fork to 2011, and has a few photos with mutantbikes team riders. Hope you like it… click on the pictures to check this out.


The first round of BMX Series 2010 by Eastpak started in the beautiful town of Abrantes located within the country. BMX Series by Eastpak is the national championship organized by mfobmx with 3 rounds. Next will be in Leiria and it will end in Santarém at the best Bicycle trade show in Portugal “Festival Bike”.

The podium ended with the two mutantbikes riders in the first places, Daniel Serra got 1st and Hugo Almeida got 2nd and our friend Pedro Seca from Portimão (south Portugal) got 3th. Here is an edit made by a friend (Simão).

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